translated from Spanish: The Olympic Committee asked the DNU of sports to be debated in Congress

from the Olympic Committee that directs Gerardo Whertein and its athletes Commission met with representatives of the Government to request that the DNU relegated to the Secretariat of Sports Agency is treated as the Congreso.En Bill a letter published after the meeting reported that envoys of the Government showed “responsiveness and have agreed with the Government shipping the project of law as soon as possible”. 
The goal pursued is “to agree on it and discuss it in a democratic manner considering the different papers and making permanent modifications”. Also asked that “are preserved the spaces of the Romero Brest”, Faculty of physical education, whose integrity would be at risk by the creation of the UniCABA.  

Two recent claims that drove in a statement were are consensus decisions regarding the CeNARD, whose land also endangered because of the possible sale for real estate and moving to the Olympic village by Soldati. The other is by the annual budget to sports, which will be affected by the adjustment requested the International Monetary Fund, as the majority of State portfolios. 

Original source in Spanish

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