translated from Spanish: BTS guys reveal the why they love both to the ARMY (VIDEO)

BTS with the undisputed “Idols” of K-Pop. There are several groups of this genre, but none sounds as strong as Bangtan Boys. The band originally from South Korea highlights on all occasions that its success is due to the ARMY, his loyal army of fans.
In a talk that BTS had with Ryan Seacrest for the channel E!, during its passage through the red carpet at the Grammy Awards, explained the why you love so much to the ARMY. Jungkook said in clear English: is a blessing we receive so much love of the ARMY by doing what we love. We are very grateful.

Similarly the leader of BTS, RM, told Ryan Seacrest already working on new music (big surprise to the ARMY). “Well, have been touring all over the world”, said Namjoon.
We’ve been working on our next album.

The words of Kookie on the ARMY would be strengthened even more, with the message that sent BTS V from his room at the hotel, after finishing the celebration by attending the Grammy Awards: thank you for giving us great memories, for allowing us to come to the Grammys. For the ARMY, I’ll always be a good person, a good singer, and I’ll show you good aspects… thanks!

And now the question is for the ARMY… why they love to BTS?

In this note:

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