translated from Spanish: García Belsunce: Pachelo defense seeks to delay the start of the trial

Nicolás Pachelo defense claimed today the nullity of the order of elevation according to the cause that it has accused as one of the co-authors of the murder of María Marta Garcia B elsunce, committed in December 2002 at the country Carmel in the Buenos Aires locality of lawyer Pachelo, Roberto Ribas, Pilar.El responded to the indictment presented lifting view to the neighbor and two security guards of the country last year by the tax María Inés Domínguez and Andrés Quintana, and filed the annulment to consider that you can not go to debate because the acquittal of Carlos Carrascosa widower is not firm.

Carlos Carrascosa, widower of Marta María in its letter, the lawyer considered that «violates all logic» the possibility of Pachelo, who was a neighbor of the victim, to go to trial for the murder when the acquittal of Carrascosa is not firm.
«Which of the two working hypotheses is true? Pachelo or Carrascosa? One may not even think seriously that both have interacted in the facts being investigated, this taking into consideration that both have cause to open on this subject,»said Ribas in his presentation.

Citing philosophical principles of Aristotle, Ribas said that «something can be and not be» that «something can not be white and non-white at the same time and in the same relationship». «Shows how illogical that two subjects that we dare to say (are) clearly faced, appear as alleged perpetrators of a crime in which authors have both been but without a primary, secondary, or which you want to choose, but again, the» illogical,»said the Defender. Who are the accused prosecutors Dominguez and Quintana had been accused in September of last year to Pachelo and the security guards José Ortiz and Norberto Glennon to be «co-authors» of an «aggravated robbery by have been committed through the use of firearm – fit – in competition real murder criminis causes exacerbated by the use of firearms», offences which provide for the penalty of imprisonment. However, the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation still general Juan Ángel de Oliveira must resolve an appeal of the Attorney General to the acquittal of Carrascosa that had rendered him the Court of Penal Cassation Buenos Aires in December 2016.

Nicolas Pachelo. Suspicions again upon him by crime in the Carmel the crime of María Marta García Belsunce, a sociologist at 50 years, it was found dead on October 27, 2002 in his villa of Carmel, with its body submerged in the bathtub. Then, her husband said that he thought that he had suffered an «accident» and had hit his head with a beam and faucets. Autopsy practiced at 36 days from the fact proved that it had been murdered six times in the skull, five of which penetrated and the sixth-«the pituto» – him bounced, with a gun gauge 38 length that never appeared. In a first trial, the widower was sentenced by the Oral criminal 6 San Isidro in 2007 only for the «concealment» and acquitted for the killing, but in 2009 the Court of Cassation Buenos Aires sentenced him directly to life imprisonment as the perpetrator of the crime from their spouse. They followed after several appeals to review total of the cause that made in 2016 a Cassation Chamber by order of the Court Supreme of Justice of the Nacion.el widower was imprisoned six years in jail for campaign and then obtained a home prison in February 2015 at age 70, that stretched for almost two years until he was awarded freedom, in December of 2016.todavia are sentenced for the cover-up of the crime Horacio García Belsunce and Juan Hurtig (brother and half-brother of María Marta, respectively) ; the doctor Juan Gauvry Gordon and the neighbor of the country Sergio Binello, who were undergoing trial in 2011.En that debate was also sentenced the brother-in-law of the victim, Guillermo Bártoli, who died in November of 2014.En this note:

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