translated from Spanish: Ossandón with Gasco front shock by episode Pérez Cruz

«Since I’m in the public service, never, never, I have validated abuse and classism as a method for settling personal differences». This is part of the frontal response given by Senator Manuel José Ossandón to justify its stance against the President of Gasco, Matías Pérez Cruz, following the episode of Ranco Lake.
From the first moment, Ossandón has been particularly critical of the behavior of the entrepreneur, which has earned him the implied criticism of some representatives of right, as the presidential exprecandidato José Antonio Kast, who questioned the posture adopted by certain «political» in this topic.
But Ossandón was also questioned in letters to the director of El Mercurio, where a reader identified only as Jose Ignacio Laso Bambach accused him in a text published on Sunday of being «an active part of a funa-murder of image against Matías Pérez and his family and» , incidentally, against many people who ‘this character’ takes work (as he calls it) «.»
In his letter, Laso accuses Ossandón acting medially in this topic only «for personal political benefit», «pontificando» and with «a bombastic attitude that gives an account of human misery, in a way easy to engage and make policy to us» It has tired. I think that this kind of characters who are doing the bullying from the gallery and not of what is really important, politically are destined to disappear.»
José Ignacio Laso Bambach is a civil engineer and in LinkedIn appears as general manager in Viña Pérez Cruz. In addition, he is director of Gasco companies, according to information available on the website of the Commission for financial market (CMF) and on the website of the same company.
«Enough of abuses» in his response, the hint said that «this is not an ideological struggle, here are talking about humanity, respect for others, empathy, feeling that we are all equal or have equal rights before the law».
«That does not want to understand this and feel that we must continue emphasizing differences in Chile, take the flags of the inequality and which follow in this stormy road separate us,» he added.
Then, the Senator said that «I and many (millions) that censor what happened we prefer to protect, agree, look at that different Chile where we can live all without seeming to despise or believe we own everything.» I chose this path and I see others followed the opposite.»
Ossandón ends his letter stating that «enough of abuses, that if it wasn’t for the exhibition that had this situation some would still enjoy their ‘private beach'», alluding to the fact that national assets had settled last Friday that the zone that triggered the controversy It was indeed a public beach.

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