translated from Spanish: The Organizing Committee of the Women’s Parliament was installed in the Congress of Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán.- The Organizing Committee of the Women’s Parliament was formally installed, which will be held in the State Congress and will be held next March, within the framework of international women’s day, work that will aim to raise awareness of society.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the State Congress, Octavio Ocampo Córdova, stressed that this Parliament of Women will be the first in its history, in addition to the participation of 40 women who will be part of a mechanism that has to do with raising awareness of society at large around generating respect for women.
“Women’s empowerment, transformation of cultural patterns, declining inequalities are long-term phenomena but require the construction of firm and lasting institutions that ensure the transition we see,” she said.
For her part, the Chair of the Political Coordination Board (JUCOPO), Cristina Portillo Ayala, who installed the Organizing Committee of the Women’s Parliament, stated that the maximum intervention of women in all areas, on an equal footing with men, is necessary for the full and full development of the state, the country and the world, so she said , it is inescapable to change the role in families and society at large.
“Parliament has been set up to institute, promote and implement respect for women’s rights, but this also requires the work, support and coordination of Members, public institutions, civil organisations working on these issues, women and in general, Micho-Aan society to generate a common front against inequality and inequity between men and women” Said.
In her speech, Ms. Lucila Martínez Manríquez, Chair of the Committee on Gender Equality, noted that this First Parliament of Women will be an area of political participation, with the aim of expressing her views and proposals through initiatives that could be considered on the legislative agenda in the future.
This virtual meeting was also attended by Meps Araceli Saucedo Reyes, who presented the initiative to carry out this First Parliament of Women and Mr Francisco Cedillo de Jesús, a member of the Electoral Affairs Committee.

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