translated from Spanish: There is no magisterial wages above the 100 thousand pesos: Juan Manuel Macedo

Morelia, Michoacan.-after holding an Assembly in which members decided to keep the work stoppage until next Friday to be carried out a new assessment payments received, the leader of the DIII6 of the SNTE, Juan Manuel Macedo Negrete refused bluntly that there are managers who earn wages above the 100 thousand pesos.
He pointed out that its salary base per full time is 27 thousand pesos.
At a press conference, said that «it is almost impossible» that a teacher perceived 120 thousand pesos a month as several journalistic notes was exposed yesterday, «even with the Magisterial career program had to fulfill several actions that could hardly get to» those amounts to less than at some time were officials,»he said.
He explained that bonuses like the RZ is of the highest receiving teachers because they mean a fortnight, but ruled out that why their salary is stratospheric as they want to believe.
«That they will show payrolls and names, we are far from transparency, but not may not be judge or delete as well».

He recalled that in 1992 after decentralization for teaching career there was resistance and then the benefits were and even civil servants wanted to enter, which was forbidden, but he met in some cases.
Even said that those who have double square, how much have a salary of 16 thousand pesos.
He explained that in the last week were released to the State stimulus bonus per thousand 600 pesos, holiday premium which consists of 5 days of salary, the concept of fiscal adjustment which is 5 days of salary and the support of pantry thousand 800 pesos.
«We must clarify that for those who have federal and State do not pay them more than two bonds.»

So he said that there are still debts by an average of 700 million pesos in bonds as the RZ, the so-called dowry of pity, stimuli for years of service state and the event bonus.
Workers go for the fifth week in work stoppage and given the lack of credibility of the authorities is that refused to end the strike.

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