translated from Spanish: After an intermediate room resumed the joint teacher Buenos Aires

in a climate of tension, the leaders of five unions of teachers of the province of Buenos Aires sat at the negotiating table with the Minister of economy, Hernandez n Lacunza, the director of education, Gabriel Sánchez Zinny, and other authorities.” “There is nothing to hide, show what you think the Minister of education, that there is”, faulted in the middle of joint holder of the Guild Udocba, Miguel Angel Diaz, who was filming the meeting. Officials rejected it and broke off the dialogue which was taken up again tonight.
The salary discussion occurs in the midst of strong crosses between both parties and the likelihood that classes do not begin March 6 If an agreement cannot be reached.
“We understand that the call to the joint was delayed without foundation. We have been with will of negotiation. We hope that the Governor is aware of the need that we rebuild our salary”to enter Roberto Baradel, owner of Suteba said.

The ruling Union of teachers had anticipated that they would come to the meeting with the requirement that trigger a clause is activated to cover “the salary lost during the 2018”, which was 15 percentage points below inflation registered last year. In addition, they will claim that the province first covers revenues lost in 2018 and will require a 30 percent increase for this year.

Tell the truth, claim #SalariosDignos, #EscuelasSeguras, which has televised the joint so that coworkers can see how develop the negotiations, and to remember to #SandraYRuben is not violence.
there were no insults. There was no physical assault. Violence is a lie – UDOCBA Central (@udocbacentral) February 13, 2019 news developing… In this note: educational peer education

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