translated from Spanish: Poncho Lizarraga denies feeling disgust of locals

Poncho Lizarraga, leader of the band El Recodo de don Cruz Lizárraga, belies via their social networks that it has issued a communiqué circulating and where he said he felt “sick” of the Mazatlan s and the people who took part in the brawl, to break a door, violate security and enter the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium.
Last Wednesday was held in Mazatlan the celebration by the 80-year career of the band El Recodo de don Cruz Lizárraga, which was in the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium. Unfortunately many people were left without power, by order of Civil protection, but others managed to enter force. A “Brawl” is armed, and many people broke a door to enter, disobeying the orders of Civil protection, police and security guards who were outside the stadium. Circulates the video of the moment in which dozens of people entered the force to the stadium in networks, to try to witness the event in honor of the band the Recodo.Y in networks circulating a message supposedly Poncho Lizarraga aired, in which he says: I am ashamed to l or in the port. That disgust me gives people who participated in the slam.

“Hopefully the policemen had responded them with tear gas, as the wild.”

The same Alfonso Lizárraga is who denies on Facebook that you have written above.

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