translated from Spanish: Insulza rejects invitation to the Summit of the Prosur Piñera to guided: «Is not a President»

The Senator from the Socialist Party, José Miguel Insulza, said Friday its rejection to the invitation made by President Sebastián Piñera by Juan Guaidó for the Summit of the Prosur, next to be held in our or country. 
In a conversation with La Tercera, Insulza said that «it is not convenient» give a treatment of head of State who does not manage the State. 
«With all respect to Mr Guaidó, seems very well if you have the opportunity to come to Chile, and will be very well received.» The problem is that at this time the Lord Guaidó is the person in charge to call an election and does not control the Foreign Affairs or defense, or public safety, or the Justice of his country. It is not a President», said the announced. 
«That should be very careful of what we do because there is no precedent. Does not exist in Latin America, in the world Yes, but there is no precedent for that type of representation in Latin America. I think that really if Mr Guaidó will be here, I recognize it as the main leader of the Venezuelan opposition leader, for the first time there is an opposition really United under one head and that should be rating it. But give treatment of head of State who does not handle State does not seem it,»added the former Secretary general of the Organization of American States.
On Wednesday, Piñera extended an invitation to guided Prosur Summit. «We have a meeting of Presidents in March in our country to discuss with high-mindedness, but with decision, how to address many of the problems affecting our continent and of course that Juan Guaidó is invited to that meeting», said the Representative.
However, guided, who is on a tour of several Latin American countries, has not confirmed his attendance. 

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