translated from Spanish: Journalist who infiltrated a night club by «Covert mission»: «There were moments of fear»

a Peruvian journalist for the newspaper La República was one of the key collaborators of the program «Mission drive», which was issued last night by Mega screens, and that it showed a case of human trafficking in a night club of Salamanca in the Region of Coquimbo.Lupe Muñoz participated as infiltrated in the local «Paradise», which was investigated for recruiting young compatriots theirs who forced axis rCER prostitution. This posed as «Carmen», according a notice requesting the charge of «host». The club night paid stay. «To be able to infiltrate me it took about two months, I had to put me in contact with Cristina, who was the iktotchi of girls, and earn their trust,» said the professional to LUN.» There were moments where there was fear, because we didn’t know if we could discover or they may suspect. The fear was constant, but fortunately everything went well,»he said. Munoz said he spent a whole day in the local network, led and that within all felt safe since inside the party had other infiltrators of the program. If it was discovered by the local Regents, journalist pointed out that «men would enter with the police in case that does not leave me out». The limeña said both his family and his boss at the newspaper asked him to be careful and that «it was intuitive» in dealing with situations.

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