translated from Spanish: They are investigating whether remains found in Huechuraba correspond to Fernanda Maciel

this Saturday, bones that belong to a woman, according to police, were found in an eriazo site near the Espacio Riesco, in the commune of Huechu Raba, reported now news. When reporting the fact, police went to the site and reported that they would come from a woman by the size of the skull, and his femur, so the situation was communicated to the staff in charge of the investigation of the disappearance of Fernanda Maciel, young 21-year-old carrying more than do CE months disappeared after leaving his home in Santiago. Moments before disappearing, Fernanda, who today would be 22 years old, was recorded by a security camera in the sector where he lived in Santiago. He crossed the street Puntiagudo and went to Llaima by the North sidewalk, allegedly to get to a winery that would meet a friend. From home it came out with a grey dress cotton and some moccasins color Damascus. In her womb had his daughter Josefa, who today should have 10 months of life. Staff of the Labocar and the custom and search of people and vehicles (SEBV) Department are working at the site, collecting the evidence necessary to determine the identity of this person.

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