translated from Spanish: They bury three bodies of newly born unidentified

Chihuahua.-a total of 19 bodies, including three infants and a fetus that remained under guard of the forensic medical service in the downtown area of Chihuahua were buried, after no start AR be identified or claimed by their relatives, said the Office of the Attorney-General through the Directorate of forensic services and Sciences Forenses.Esta burial, carried out in the Municipal pantheon of Carrizalillo, formed part of the protocols the EGF operations and consisted of 12 male bodies, 3 female and 4 indeterminate.

In the forensic service also 15 bodies of adults were unidentified. | Pixabay. in addition, a fetus and newborn infants from three hospital were also, or some bodies entered the premises in the year 2018.

Prior to the authorization of the public prosecutor’s Office and the coordination of legal, health and municipal authorities to carry out this activity, corresponding multidisciplinary studies were carried out to be able that the bodies are handed over to their families or to propose to the placement of a headstone should be identified by any of the mechanisms of human identification.

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