translated from Spanish: A nurse’s report in Jujuy reports: «There’s no oxygen and the director says everything’s okay.

«This is what you’re living here for. What a lot of people don’t know.» These are the first words spoken by a Jewish nurse to denounce the collapse of Paterson Hospital in the town of San Pedro of the province in the face of the increase in coVID-19 contagion.» Right now I’m alone with nine patients. There’s no beds or oxygen, and the director says everything’s fine. Most of my classmates have already got sick and nobody cares, they don’t do anything. These are the conditions,» he says in tears and shows some of the infected.» We’re so scared because nobody says anything. We’re collapsed, nobody’s up to it, and we’re less and less. The director and everyone who follows him do nothing and I am very afraid for my family,» she closes in shock.

The video was broadcast by journalist Quique Cordoba from his Twitter account which he described as «the worst image of the day in Jujuy». Faced with the seriousness of the lack of inputs in the province, this weekend the government of Tucumán sent medical oxygen. «From Lules, I want to announce with great pride that our Province will help the Jewish people in their difficult epidemiological situation. Through the Tucuman company, Cascia, which produces medicinal gases, the National Army will send oxygen to that NOA district,» Juan Mansur said on Twitter.
Remember, the situation is critical in the province, which had to return to Phase 1 of isolation due to a reshred of cases. In addition, in recent days, one of the new infected was the governor of the province, Gerardo Morales.From mid-June to the end of July, an explosion of 3,000 cases was reported in the province. So far, a total of 4993 infections, 3694 recovered and 133 fatalities. 

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