translated from Spanish: They deliver the body of an israeli killed in accident in the Torres del Paine

The son of one of the three Israelis killed in a car accident last week in Chile confirmed Tuesday the identity of the corpse of his mother on his arrival in Tel Aviv, since it had little discovered before celebration the funeral which had given them the body of another victim.
The Israel Foreign Ministry apologized in a statement for the fault identification and blamed local officials for Chileans responsible for flight in which traveled coffin who mistook the deceased documents.
Three Israelis died in an accident on February 23, when he capsized the boat in which Torres del Paine made a tourist route in a river, in the National Park.
One of them was Dina Porta, 71-year-old, who was to be buried Tuesday in Rishpon, Israel Center, and shortly before the funeral families discovered that they had received the body of another of the victims, Galila Biton, whose funeral was planned for this Wed Oles in Nesher near Haifa, reported the Times of Israel digital.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the israeli consul verified the identities of the victims and the families and sealed caskets.
The israeli Dalia Ronen, of 76 years, mother of the Ambassador of Israel in Uruguay, Galit Ronen, was wounded, along with a dozen of passengers, in the accident and died four days later, said Times of Israel.

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