translated from Spanish: Fight Tito, La Liga, and the desperate asked her mother

during the weekend circulated a brief film on social networks that registers to Tito, singer of cumbia La Liga group, seconds before providing a show at a nightclub but in a deplorable health status. The video was raised by his colleague and friend, the Dipy, who called on businessmen “not Tito and the League to buy more” and “colleagues, friends and fans” making “RT” to disseminate the case and help him.

It pains me to see you as well. Hurts me that you so you force to sing. Entrepreneurs, not to buy more tito and the League. You need help. You need containment. Friend since childhood I know you, I want to be well. I hope that all my colleagues, friends, and fans make RT this. Ayudemoslo please… “ – the Dipy (@dipypapa) March 4, 2019 but the order which most challenged users was carried out by Maria, Brad’s MOM, whose real name is Roberto Omar Alí.” What horns are doing with my son’s life? “It is a human being, crazy, is one person, a boy full of love, of feeling”, launches the women at the beginning of the film. In line with the reported by the Dipy, the mother of the singer said against those who manage their presentations: “it is not a business, it’s my son. All they get while suffering is my son. It is not anyone’s artist, is a boy who sings for the people, for the people. End it because they are killing him I. Is think that say ‘drugged’, ‘junkie’? Why you do not think who applies them? Do I speak, wastes that make fun of my son and climbing on stage”, says, almost screams.

And concluded: “my son needs professional help. I don’t want a dead son, I don’t want my grandchildren to see it in the cemetery. How do you want to end? They don’t see that it stands there singing and cannot but? It is more important to the pockets to the ribs of a patient, a person who does not know how to ask for help? “.”

Original source in Spanish

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