translated from Spanish: Condenan a hospital psychiatric patient who died in the compound

the eighth Juzgado Civil de Santiago Hospital José Horwitz Barak sentenced to pay compensation of $75.887.966 to the 3 children of a patient who died in the e shop in the month of October of the year 2015. Judge Sylvia Pope Beletti established in its ruling the responsibility for non-psychiatric hospital service not to take safeguard measures laid down in the Protocol of the health centre, after the death of Claudio Alfonso Tapia Sagredo, who He suffered from bipolar disorder. In the document it was determined that «were not taken the protective measures provided for by the Protocol of the respondent, any time, given the rating of high risk of fall of 30 September 2015, it was essential that the patient was assisted in his shuttle e» «gone to the bathroom and was subjected to close surveillance». In addition, adds that «the patient was only at the time of the fall of that date and the space in which fell was not a risk-free environment; also, set the same document that the patient was eating sedative prescription of the respondent Institute». The same line, pointed out that after the accident, «that day was a wrong fall risk rating for the patient, which was then sanctioned by the respondent through its officers carried out summary». Therefore, it was determined that «both the patient falls are the product of a lack of diligence employed by the respondent Institute» and that «the inpatient suffered both accidents by the negligence of the respondent». Finally, described that «the accident of October 4, 2015, consisting of the fall of the patient don Claudio Tapia Sagredo, is caused because of the negligence of the Hospital sued, this is due to lack of service» and that «such negligence» because the patient fell and He subsequently died.

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