translated from Spanish: How will be the third international stop of working women

various groups, feminists and the women’s movement as well as thousands of “loose” women, they will leave this Friday after a month of organization and consensus between the different space IOS political. The appeal is to 15 in the National Congress and it is estimated that the March will begin at 17.30. in the direction of Plaza de Mayo, Avenida de Mayo and the surrounding streets. The collective nor a less, the national campaign for the right to a Legal abortion, safe and free among others convened also to a camp opposite the Casa Rosada three days prior and an unemployment of women at 11 in the morning on Friday. While every year it goes backwards, this 2019 is election year so, from feminist meetings, it was decided to give a strong message in the Plaza de Mayo. After marching around Central the magnificent of 19 hours, will read a document of closure with all instructions and emergency of this group, which was agreed upon at the previous assemblies. 
The call is done primarily through social networks with hashtags as #8 M #ParoInternacionalFeministaPlurinacional #NosotrasParamos #NosotresParamos #AbortoLegalYa #NiñasNoMadres and #VivasLibresyDesendeudadasNosQueremos.En this note:

Original source in Spanish

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