translated from Spanish: Minister Pla on feminist progress: «The authorities not for us go»

again the Minister of women’s and gender equity, Isabel Plá, referred to the strike feminist of this 8 March. This time he did so in the context of a breakfast together with the Minister of Social development, Alfredo Moreno, and 40 workers of the hospedería de Cristo.Consultada home about whether would be part of the scheduled for Friday morning, the Secretary of State said that» authorities not ours go», pointing out that these mobilizations belong»to civil society and the public», calling their counterparts in the Government to subtract from this instance. «This is a very humble opinion: If some authority wants to leave, believe that it is an intrusion on a social movement that someone who has a mandate because, at bottom, is subtracting oxygen to a mobilization that is eminently citizen», said. Finally, he referred to the importance of the feminist movement, since for her, has been a movement that promoted women’s rights across the country. «The cause for women was not a majority activism until the last few years, but feature that looks stronger last year I think it is a triumph of feminist movements in the world and of Chile: the fact of having permeated all institutions pu» public and private,»he said.

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