translated from Spanish: Program of human rights of the Ministry of Justice justifies absence in allegations to keep processing to Villalobos because he thought that “others” would go

The decision of the fifth Hall of the Court of appeals of Santiago revoke the processing by the Minister Mario Carroza against the former general director of Carabine Ros, Bruno Villalobos, in a case of torture in dictatorship, opened a new controversy by the absence of the program of human rights of the Ministry of Justice in the allegations.
The absence was severely criticized by the Deputy of democratic revolution, Miguel Crispi, and human rights organizations. “The Court of appeals reversed Bruno Villalobos processing without the presence of the human rights programme. Why were they not to claim? This is another example of how weak that is Executive in the field of human rights”, Member of the Commission on human rights of the House Deputy told the El Mostrador.
For his part, Alicia Lira, President of the Association of relatives of executed political, directly blamed the Government’s revocation of the resolution of the Minister float. “The Government lawyer was not to plead the cause. Their presence would have given him a weight to our position before the judiciary. “We are not only concerned by this cause, but because it means a terrible precedent for other cases”, accused.
In this line, Crispi went further and said that “it is worrying that the human rights programme limit their action and abandon certain key actions in processes that seek to clarify the truth and do justice in serious and systematic rights violations humans in our country”.
The response of the Secretariat consulted by El Mostrador, from the Secretariat for human rights desdramatizaron the situation. They said that “there is a protocol which empowers the head of service to decide on certain actions, including the plead or not, according to the defined judicial strategy”.
“On this occasion, it was decided to apply for the processing of general Bruno Villalobos and Colonel Ruperto Soto, which were granted, and subsequently, not claim, given that the background taken to view order processing by the unit “Human rights programme, were already on the record, considering also that there would be other two complainants who would argue to all event”, pointed out.
Moreover, the Undersecretary added that there are pending judicial phases. “This process is not over, and we worry that the program continue to perform the work that he,” they noted.
Ground processing of float in its resolution, the fifth room of the City Court of Appeal – comprising the Ministers Jaime Balmaceda, Maritza Elena Villadangos and integral lawyer María Cecilia Ramírez – nipped dictated processing by Minister Mario Carroza, who last December indicted to Villalobos as an accomplice to the crime of application of torture resulting in death of student Patricio Gonzalez Manzano.
Manzano was a student of the University of Chile who was tortured and killed in 1985, when it was engaging in summer jobs along with other University in the Region of Valparaiso in full military dictatorship. Young people were taken to the police precinct of the Andes where Manzano was subject to various constraints. Instead, the young, then 21 years old, passed away product of cardiorespiratory arrest.
The room of the City Court of Appeal considered weak history collected by float in the process, pointing out that the data only make “brag founded” that to Villalobos – then Lieutenant of Carabineros – only participation in the facts in the transfer of detainees.
Thus, the Ministers determined that “there is no sufficient grounds” to establish that Villalobos has given detention orders or detained students have been in their custody, so it rejects indictment as an accomplice to torture.
For Angel Valencia, lawyer for the police exoficial, “the ruling collects much of the arguments that we raise in our allegations, in the sense that there was no basis or merits in the process to be able to dictate this auto processing”.

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