translated from Spanish: Weekly report of variations in prices of fuels

According to the commercial policy of ENAP, the prices of the products marketed are determined by the price of parity of import using as reference a market close, deep and large scale as the American coast of the G olfo of Mexico (hereinafter, the Gulf Coast). In addition to this, incorporates the cost of freight to Chile and other costs, own import of refined fuels from oil activity.
Therefore, the prices of ENAP to the wholesale correspond to the alternative cost of imported fuels, typical of an open and competitive market such as the wholesale market in Chile, excluding neither costs nor the distribution, unlike margins of the that informs the National Energy Commission in its information system online prices of fuel at service stations.
Table N ° 1 arise, for the week from 07 to 13 March 2019, prices and variations of fuels derived from oil of ENAP to distributors. These prices include the increase in prices of gasoline 93, 97 gasoline, diesel, kerosene and liquefied gas, product of the movements registered in the international market of the Gulf Coast, from Monday, February 18 to Friday, March 01, 2019 , reference period for the calculation.
Also prices of ENAP and its variations considered the implementation of a 5-day average contractual exchange rate for clients of 653,65/us $, less at $4.36 /USD with respect to the ENAP applied for the calculation of prices of the previous week.

(*) Prices include transportation pipeline SONACOL from Concon at Maipú, 9.0 $/ lt, the application of the FEPP, specific taxes, MEPCO and VAT rate.
(*) price of LPG in bulk in Concon, only includes VAT. For the purposes of the application of the mechanism of stabilization of prices of fuels (MEPCO) adjusts this value considering transportation pipeline SONACOL from Concon at Maipú ($6.3 /lt) and specific LPG for vehicle use tax rate: 1.4 UTM per cubic meter. With respect to the specific gravity used to convert the price of $ / kg to $/ lt. its value is 0,518 kg/Lt.
The previous week it ended under a context in which the market was attentive to the possible resolutions of conflict between United States and China. In addition, OPEC and its allies finished the first month of the policy of restraint with 80% compliance. Despite having achieved its first mission in terms of production cuts, OPEC would be evaluating to extend its cuts toward the second half of 2019.
On the other hand, as the United States oil production increases, reaching 12.1 MMbd, imports from Saudi Arabia dropped to their lowest levels during the month of January.
At the end of the week, the United States Department of energy (DOE) reported Feb. 22 that inventories of crude oil in that country fell 8.6 MMb (- 1.9%) and they stood at 445.9 MMb.

(*) Prices include transportation pipeline SONACOL from Concon at Maipú, $9.0 rate/Lt., the application of the FEPP, specific taxes, MEPCO, and VAT.
already elapsed period of indexing for the next week, gasoline and intermediate prices have experienced an increase in the international market of the Gulf Coast. At the end of the present report, the ICE Brent transaba $65,68 /bbl on the Intercontinental Exchange in London, lower at 0.45 US$ /bbl the average of the reference week for the calculation.
Note: Using these reports and its web site, ENAP seeks only to provide relevant data for the fuel market. This report cannot be in any case considered a document which determines, fixed or defined references or values for the prices wholesalers or prices to the final consumer in the Chilean market, which are completely free, given its open-market condition, competitive and deregulated.

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