translated from Spanish: Natalia Oreiro about his relationship with Pablo Echarri: «I love»

more than twenty years passed since it ended the relationship between Natalia Oreiro and Pablo Echarri. However, recently the actress was consulted about how it is the bond that holds in the present with the actor, despite the fact that it are no longer together. In an interview with the magazine Caras, asked to Oreiro about their previous relationships. «I didn’t have many couples, but Paul (Echarri) love it. Also to their family,»said the actress who portrayed Gilda in the film by Lorena Muñoz.

«I would have loved to be her friend. When we find ourselves always was in a very relaxed way. Put you to my son, when he died his dad went to fire him with Ricardo. I was with Telma, his mother, who wants a lot. But no, we are not friends,»said the actress below. Natalia Oreiro is couple with Ricardo Mollo, Divididos leader for 18 years. Together are parents of Atahualpa. For his part, Echarri has spent 20 years as a couple with actress Nancy Duplaa, fruit of their relationship were born Morena and Julian.

Natalia Oreiro | Photo: Instagram @lasoreirooficial «do not want that for a business or the possibility of working with her – that we could really make a good duo and be success – risk more important things… Because I can assure you that, if we left, laburamos together, the next day they begin with ‘where there was fire ashes remain’. That is a fixed», closed. 

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