translated from Spanish: Or flowers or chocolates, 8M with soccer

to how many us brand of “unfeminine” by play soccer or go to court? Who not let say when a group of men talked about soccer because “women don’t understand”?
The objective of the women’s Association of Argentine football (AFFAR) is to promote the struggle of women regardless of the color of the shirt and show that we care also this sport: we play, look, listen, feel and understand soccer. The move promoted through social networks was also imposed in Brazil and Chile. The idea is that women defend their place in sports showing his team shirt during the women’s day and in the mobilizations throughout our country.
In dialogue with Ole, Evelina Cabrera, President of the AFFAR, considered that this day is not so that they give us flowers or chocolates, is to “remember and have presents the constant struggle of all women for participation in society on an equitable basis”.” The fact that each one will with your t-shirt means show that, while there are different colors and equipment, the struggle is the same. All want to have visibility and recognition. We want to have the rights that we correspond in this sport,”Cabrera told the sports daily.

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