translated from Spanish: Delta variant is 137% more deadly, two studies cited by WHO indicated

Two studies, cited by the World Health Organization (WHO), confirm a more dangerous Delta variant of the coronavirus, which increases the risk of death by 137 percent. These are studies conducted in Canada and China that were not published at the moment in scientific journals. According to the Canadian study, the health risks of contracting COVID-19 with the Delta variant, the risk of having to go to the hospital increases by around 120 per cent, and that of needing intensive care is around 287 per cent, so the risk of death rises to 137 per cent.

For the China study, people who were quarantined after contact with an infected person with the Delta variant were tested and tested positive by PCR after an average of four days, instead of six, as was the case with the first variants. On the other hand, it was detected that the viral load was 1,200 times higher in the first positive test than in the original variants of the virus. For the WHO, the result of this work “suggests that this worrying variant may reproduce more quickly and be more contagious in the early stages of infection.”

Yesterday, who included in its weekly newsletter a summary on variants of concern and there the Delta is associated with an increase in hospitalization — Nora Bär (@norabar)
July 21, 2021

The Delta variant, which was first detected in India, is now present in 124 countries and territories, 13 more than last week. The UK’s Alpha variant is at 180, while the South African Beta was detected in 130 countries,

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