translated from Spanish: Rafa Araneda supports acid and fierce criticism against Tonka Tomicic in the context of the 8M

Mon commentator and famed critic of television, Larry Moe, sent a message of those via his Twitter account, recalling one of the most controversial episodes who lived the morning of Channel 13, welcome, all in the context of the «day international of the working women». MOE recalled the occasion in which the model and cheerleader Tonka Tomicic, together with his team, showed on-screen reports gynecological Nabila Rifo, on-screen, woman who suffered a savage macho aggression that left her without his sight. This action of the morning was widely questioned, arriving to be historical fined by CNTV, sanctions revealed during the month of June 2018, as well as the harsh criticism made by the feminist community. Given this Moe wrote on his Twitter account «one day samples non-gynecological reports and another show up in camera with a t-shirt that says #Mujeres,» in a clear allusion to Tonka Tomicic, who would have been the only panelist during the program today that used one t-shirt with this message. Perhaps the most unexpected of this fact was the «I like» which gave him the publication the also face of television Rafael Araneda, claramenta supporting the acid criticism of television commentator.

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