translated from Spanish: Service that seeks to help 17% of companies that still do not meet Inclusion labour law

Almost a year of the promulgation of the law on labour Inclusion, with rules requiring companies with one greater allocation to 100 workers to have at least 1% of workers with disabilities, the Ministry of labour reveals that 83% of the companies comply with it fully.
But although the Government see with good eyes this result, is an important part of companies that still do not comply with the regulations, being the lack of knowledge of how and where to get people with disabilities that fit in the company, one of the main reasons of why they have not done so.
Besides the acquisition of more than 7,500 people in situation of disability looking for employment by the national stock exchange of employment of the Ministry of labour, there is an alternative that seeks to assist in the recruitment and subsequent election of staff called in Chile Improve Personal S.A. Services. This human resources company with over 25 years of experience, created some time ago a database of people with physical disabilities that are compatible with different job functions.
«13 years ago I lost my left arm in an accident and since then I’ve faced a world of work completely different which was used. («Be firsthand how difficult that is to find work to have physical disabilities and is that what we want to sign as a company», says Juan Enríquez Vásquez, general manager of Improve services from personnel S.A.).
The company offers services for recruitment of persons with disabilities, temporary for periods of 3 months of testing before you incorporate and indefinite contract. «Both in acting and on the indefinite contract services, we take care of selecting, hiring, pay, settle, among other things. Candidates are engaged in is first 30 days, then before the approval of the customer, it extends for two months more,»says Vasquez.
According to the Executive, this service is aimed at supporting all companies requiring to raise awareness of the dignity of persons who are in a situation of physical disability, eliminating wage, labor and cultural discrimination: has by order to promote an effective inclusion of people with disabilities in the private sector.
Methodology used to recruit and select candidates first published labor supply requested via different portals, organizations or foundations in order to get candidates that are currently available. «Specifically as Computrabajo, Chiletrabajos, BNE recruitment portals, are used to attract candidates who meet the requirements and, in addition, we maintain contact with various OMIL. We appeal to the search for candidates in various social networks, delving into groups or communities of people in situation of disability», says Vasquez.
Then evaluates the candidates: «at this stage is an interview specific to be able to observe the conditions of the applicants in terms of availability, mobility, accreditation of their disability and personal details. The evaluative instance allows us to observe the global candidate stage, if you have the interest and complies with the required»indicates.
Finally, is sending candidates to client companies. «Here we coordinate evaluation of the candidate with the company in order to indicate their general appreciation and able to determine if you will enter to specify in any of the services we offer,» concludes Vasquez.

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