translated from Spanish: Bible signed by Trump sold for 325 dollars on eBay

United States-a Bible that was signed by Donald Trump, who recently sold on eBay for $ 325 dollars, according to the listing. The article was described as a «mini Bible» of 4.5 inches tall signed by Trump at a rally in 2016, which would have been before his inauguration. The list indicated that the Bible would be sold with a certificate of authenticity. The seller says that «gets all of our memories and autographs in person directly celebrity». Rick Harrison, owner of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, a retailer in Las Vegas appearing on «Pawn Stars» from History Channel, said through his representative that a similar article could get even more if you have key paperwork.
Harrison said that a Bible with a signature certified and sold through a world-class auction house could generate up to $ 4,000. Harrison warned, however, that not all vendors in line were reliable. Last week, was seen to Trump signing Bibles in the Providence Baptist Church in Opelika, Alabama, while he was visiting the Centre of temporary help after a series of deadly tornadoes.
The President posed for a photo with the owner of a Bible, a fifth-grade student, and signed other items, including shirts, hats and cell phones.

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