translated from Spanish: A minute’s applause for fallen on Thursday

the list of players who went ahead on the journey without return since the start of more formal way the League of the Careada on Thursday in the fields of the sport unit of the IMSS, in the year 1995 became 12.Por this reason, directive and delegates agreed at its weekly meeting the morning of yesterday that before each encounter phase of ida of the quarterfinals will surrender you a minute of applause to each of them , as a posthumous tribute and sign of affection for everything what you gave in life both in the IMSS and in the courts of Sagarpa.La list of fenecidos is headed by Jesús Armando «Lucho» Zamora Guel, who just Tuesday met its first anniversary of its very senti da game. Then followed with more time: Marco Sarabia, Carlos Gómez, Gustavo Amillano, Paul «Bam Bam» Valle, Pedro Pineda Camarillo, Octavio «chivo» Lizárraga, Joaquín «chanito» Morales, Jorge «The thinker» chestnut, José «Copeche» Guerrero, José Luis «Lavolpe» Vega and Rodolfo «rorro» Castellanos.Cada one of the above mentioned had its very own personality, with strengths and weaknesses, but the common denominator that distinguished them was their great enthusiasm for playing soccer and good human beings. Today physically they are no longer in the fields of Sagarpa, but his memory remains in force between each of those who had the fortune of treating them. Either way. The possibility that the Mexican pentapichichi Hugo Sánchez received the opportunity to take the reins of Real Madrid, club in which the tricolor forward wrote a great story, collapsed completely directive announcing the return of French Zinedine Zidane.Una very good choice, because no one can deny that the French in the short time that led to the meringues got all the most important titles that are disputed in the football europeo.sos recent achievements of Zidane were a determining factor that they prevented that Hugo was one of the clubs of greater hierarchy worldwide. Either way, Hugo Sánchez will have to continue waiting for the cherished opportunity to go to the club of his love. The first. Today in the Court of the Azteca Stadium to play the first of two national football classics that will star the Chivas of Guadalajara and America’s Eagles. Of this day is part of the quarter-finals of the Cup tournament, i.e. no tomorrow for none and this will force the players of both sides to be used to fund. For Saturday it’s the turn of League and in the House of Guadalajara, in a duel of international significance and whose most powerful value is sporting pride, because it is the game that none of the players want to lose. And our color is obviously team and we hope that the national players can fold to the presumed americanists.

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