translated from Spanish: Miriam Tinoco proposed allocation of alimony with equity and justice

Morelia, Michoacan.-in order to guarantee fundamental human rights, Mrs Miriam Tinoco Soto, presented a reform initiative to ensure that the provisional alimony be awarded under the principle of proportionality and justice.
The opacity and the ambiguity of national and local legislation leaves the defenceless women, minors and people with disabilities, who are mostly the creditors to pensions, the amount to be fixed by the judges is insufficient to meet all your needs, he explained.
Currently, the provisional alimony assigned in cases of divorce or separation of the couple, are awarded on the basis of the unit of measure and update (UMA), if it is that the income of a person cannot be verified.
However, added the representative, “this measure makes provisional pension is not enough to ensure the fundamental right to adequate, nutritious food and sufficient, as well as the right to education, health, recreation, transportation and dress” .
“We want to make the law more equitable and secure legal formulas that allow you to set parameters for quantifying food pay fairly and balanced, ensuring well-being both creditors and of the person liable to provide them.”
Meet these parameters to set the amount of the provisional board, judges will have to take into account the economic capacity and the needs of the debtor as well as guaranteeing the fundamental rights of creditors as well whereas the right of both parts.
Thus, concluded Tinoco Soto, pensions shall be assigned under the principle of proportionality to be fair and equitable, “in order that the needs of each individual level biological, intellectual, emotional and social are covered and” protected by law”.
In this way, a tool is set so that the procurement and delivery of justice easier and make legal processes for the benefit of the citizen, avoiding paperwork and reducing the costs and time of solution, much more on the subject of pension food; It thus guarantees the right of creditors.

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