translated from Spanish: A cross-functional team facilitates the work at the institutes of health

health centers or institutes are those sites for the provision of health care services. As you can easily imagine, in theory, these sites must be a very punctual, orderly and accurate record of names, ages, histories, clinical, health, drugs, inventory and a long etcetera which, in practice, results in a huge insurance overflowing Archivist of papers and printed sheets.
In such situation it is better take hold of a cross-functional team. This is not anything other than a device that can scan, print and photocopy in black and white and in color. In addition, as it is with these digital times, the multifunctional connects to wifi and document management applications, besides that it has a great capacity for storage of paper, has many printing speeds and always uses laser technology.
In other words, although conventional printers have been modernised, multifunction devices are changing processes of the companies that use them, especially because they are compatible with different technological applications, which are an excellent auxiliary in the delicate task of improving the flow of work and information management.

Experts of the company Kyocera, a world leader in management and printing of documents, then share the main reasons why a cross-functional team provides a great technical support in health institutions.
has ordered and protected the medical records. medical history is that information about a patient that you can use to better understand any health problems that may occur. Certainly this information must be safe and confidential, so it is recommended scanning documents that comprise and archive them in the cloud in an orderly manner to have them on hand easily and quick.
protects the information safely. the privacy of personal data is an obligation of all the institutions, not just the health. In his hands is handling delicate and private individual, information that, if these documents are not maintained in a controlled manner, could trigger a crisis in the institution. However, an application connected to a multifunctional you can grant permissions only to the right people and manage the constraints of each Member of the team. So it will protect patients and improve the way of managing data.
improved the productivity of employees for the benefit of patients. invest in the adequate amount of MFDs in the health institution will mean that employees will have more resources to do its job efficiently, that will impact directly on patients or providers. As a result, the service offered will be more effective and enjoyable. It will certainly motivate your team, which will make one effort at work and with people to its around.
saves space and resources. with multifunction devices files are filled not with paper and print costs, diminished because you have the option of using applications for digitizing the information and upload it to the cloud to scan files. In addition, with the documents and digitized medical records you can get rid of that space exclusively for files, where in addition to occupy part of the office, also becomes more difficult to find what you need.
It scans your Institute of health!

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