translated from Spanish: Definitions of father Francisco: Venezuela, abortion and homosexuality

the crisis which the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the disappeared in argentina’s last dictatorship, cases of child sexual abuse in the Church, the homosexualid ad and abortion. None of these points was left untreated in the interview conceded by father Francisco program Salvados.Partiendo Venezuelan Francisco onstage referred to the intention to mediate in the specific conflict between Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guaidó. “The Holy See mediated and the thing failed, not walked. There were communications, they were several times of mediations, some discreet, unofficial, but was not finished to resolve that.” In this line, he said his encounter with Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan President, whom he said had seen very sure “of one’s own” though he clarifies that he received “until things are agudizaran”.

Consulted on the request of the Spanish Government to remove the body of the dictator Francisco Franco, buried in a Catholic Church, the Pope argues “not have opinion”, although it took the opportunity to talk about the case of the disappeared during the last military dictatorship.” I have always defended the right to the truth about what’s going on; the right to a dignified burial, to find the bodies. It is still done in Argentina, it is a right not only of the family, of society. A society not may smile to the future, taking their hidden dead”, raises the Supreme Pontiff.
“The Vatican does not save sinners, limits and shames of the society” by prepending “legal and religious” and considering the human as a condition in its response, Francisco was asked about the possibility that women who have been victims of a violation can perform an abortion.” I would understand it to her desperate, but I also know that it is not permissible to remove a human life to solve a problem”, says the representative of the Catholic Church.
“Is it lawful to hire a hit man to solve a problem?”

Reminding him that, against homosexuality, Francisco had stated “you can do things with psychiatry”, Bergoglio reiterated in this line “trends not are sin”, at the time who had the idea to clarify on the above that does not It raised only such alternative, but the freedom to “go to a professional”. Again when asked about the concept of rarity in homosexuality, the Pope reiterated that “in theory it is not so, but I’m talking about a guy that is developing and parents start to see weird things. “Check please, and there will be why”. Finally, on sexual abuse minors in the Church stressed that things “to cover them, spread”. In this sense he understands that “has taken a different consciousness, a way of proceeding different and in that I believe that we must go ahead”. In this note:

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