translated from Spanish: Government by doubts in operation income: “Here there is no small print”

“the first thing that should be pointed out that there is no small print and that this was done to avoid that, with cargo to a refund of tax, all those resources will be destined to pa Gar a debt of the year 2018 and not have any coverage. To us that not seemed right”, were the words that according to Emol, the Secretariat for Social Welfare, María José Zaldívar, raised doubts about the operation income which obliges workers to fees to quote from this year. One of the questions that arose, were raised by Senator Alejandro Guillier, who commented on their social networks that it has received “many complaints and inquiries of independent workers who, having paid their membership dues of health for 2018, the internal revenue service is discounting them is the withholding tax to pass them as payment in advance to the isapres”. In this sense, Zaldivar, insisted that “those people who say that they paid during all 2018 the isapre, indeed they had coverage during all the year 2018 in your health insurance institution. “They received returns, refunds, could meet in the health system”, he said, and added that “these resources directed by 2019 will serve to ensure coverage during the year 2019 and that person is not going to have to go every month to pay off its plan to” the isapre”, replied. Thus, he insisted that “here there are no golazo, in any case, there is a situation that are paying silvers or inappropriately,” he concluded.

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