translated from Spanish: They canceled the Phoenix Awards in Mexico: what is?

the awards Ibero-American of film Phoenix, which are given annually by the Association Cinema 23 five years ago, were cancelled. So they reported it through their social networks, and through an official statement.” We are facing an economic reality and change on cultural policies in Mexico that make impossible the financial viability of the Phoenix”, advanced in its account of Instagram.
For its part, the communiqué details more information about the decision, linked to the “lack of response and support of the new administration of the country and the city of Mexico”: “public and cultural policies have changed dramatically in our country since they do not allow that” civil society (CSOs) organizations have access to public resources ‘. ” Cinema23 considers that the lack of support from current local and federal Governments to the Phoenix Awards and their different strategies of promotion, dissemination and visibility truncated the opportunity to give continuity not only a prior investment by the State) …) but a solid, necessary project and enormous potential”, continues. Faced with this situation, the Academy of film in Mexico was expressed in this regard: “The AMACC expressed deep dismay at the news”.
Artists like Natalia Reyes, Luz Cipriota, María Gadú, Mia Maestro and Laura Gómez is also expressed in this regard, with reviews of sadness and anger. 
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