translated from Spanish: Indiscreet eye

with expectations for economic growth downward to only between 1.4 and 2.4 percent that unveiled yesterday the federal Treasury officials, and inflation of 3.4 percent, opens the possibility of an economic collapse for the country.
This is because it fell also the federal government revenues at 121 billion pesos, but still ensures that there will be no increase in taxes, or the creation of new ones and will continue the Republican austerity. Among the main causes ensures that there is a noticeable slowdown in the economy of the United States and around the world.
Among the bad news there is good: the value of the dollar is forecast to 19.9 pesos, but a recession can affect all the productive areas of the country. Behind the scenes ensuring that to the inside of the Cabinet of AMLO has been a struggle between the head of the Office of the Presidency, Alfonso Romo, and the Secretary of the Treasury, Carlos Urzúa, and this causes that information and conflicting forecasts give.
Potpourri. Which attracted reflectors yesterday morning Andrés Manuel López Obrador conferences is the youtuber and activist garyshaw Paul Velazquez, who was left to go to the city of Mexico and took the opportunity to not leave anyone sense with his accusations. He notably accused Mayor Billy Chapman have created a string of shell companies to evade taxes, also threaten the Ombudswoman Attorney Angelina Valenzuela and arrested the police officer Dignora Valdez.
Also launched against the Governor of Quirino Ordaz, accusing him of cover-up to Chapman, the same Senators Imelda Castro and Rubén Rocha; Likewise, against gas and construction entrepreneur Nemesio Artola. AMLO the video of allegations delivered it with Attorney general Alejandro Gertz, and their pros and cons public did spread in various chats through social networks, some define it as courageous, while others like Federico Arreola SDP news the c alifica as the exhibitionist mochiteco that angered the President.
For better or for worse in the coming days will know the effects of the complaint published made by Paul since Mayor Chapman has thrown up many enemies that gradually begin to encircle it and least demanding is that it is subjected to trial political and deposed. We’ll see if he and his colleagues have enough ability to get out of this maze.
PURE SINALOA. Governor Quirino Ordaz will be tomorrow in the town of Ahome, from 8: 00 hours on the days of support pure Sinaloa in which will participate in a coordinated manner: the Ministry of health, DIF, Icatsin, Sepyc, roads and transportation, Invies and Sedeso, attending the requirements and procedures of the families of the receivership.
All set. The Mayor of the strong Nubia Ramos reported that everything is ready for Holy week, which guarantees the safety and the road and the roads are in good condition. It qualifies as political challenges to the referendum to elect trustees. 

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