translated from Spanish: Maradona threatens to leave Golden on alleged errors arbitration

Culiacan (Mexico), (EFE).-the Argentinian Diego Armando Maradona, coach of the Dorados of Sinaloa from the rise of Mexican soccer, he threatened to leave the team for alleged errors arbitration that they harmed his team.» I’m going to talk to the President; There is a very clear criminal on Escoto, do you know why don’t charge you? because you will tomorrow tell he took it because it was the team of Maradona, then I’m making it an evil to Golden and that I’m going», said in a press conference. The Dorados of Maradona gave the initiative in the final minutes of the match before the deer of Yucatan.

Maradona has said so-called arbitral errors. Photo: AFP a goal in minute 85 of the Mexican Esteban Torres established 1-1 and postponed the classification of the ‘big fish’ for the League. According to the video referee did not designate a penalty for each team, however Maradona hinted that there is a campaign against him and hinted he will leave at the end of the tournament because he is doing evil to the team.

Gold stood at the third place of the tournament with five wins. Photo: AFP «I’m sad but tomorrow I begin to work. The next game is life or death and we want to get into the playoffs,»added Maradona on Friday to visit the champion St. Louis, leading the tournament. Gold stood at the third place of the tournament with five wins, four draws, four defeats, and 19 points, however can be displaced tomorrow and Sunday if Maroons, Celaya and Roadrunners win. In addition, in the case of Zacatepec and Alebrijes, if si triunfan they succeed they will reach the Golden and complicate the classification of Maradona.En team last opening the Dorados de Maradona reached the final they lost with the San Luis and now aims to win the closing to play the match for the promotion to the first division with the San Luis.

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