translated from Spanish: 130 birth of Gabriela Mistral: launched videolibro in his life

sign language in the 130 years of the birth of Gabriela Mistral, the producer stories for all co-produced with Gabriel Mistral Foundation, Inc. launched a videol ibro child inclusive with the life of the poet. The story chronicles the life of Gabriela Mistral since I was a child, passing through all stages of his life until his death, from a language and a glance developed especially for children, and especially for our country’s deaf children, as explained Natacha Valenzuela, a creator of stories for all. History «seeks to show the deaf children of Chile the work and legacy of Gabriela Mistral, apart from his poems, because it was much more than that. His work was strongly focused on the importance of education and the rights of children, women and farmers. I wanted to create a story that is closer to the heart of the small Lucila who lived in it.» Meanwhile, the President of the Gabriel Mistral Foundation, Inc. Gloria Garafulich-Grabois, on the website of the Organization explains that «the best way to celebrate this important anniversary of his birth is remembering to Gabriela, the girl who was Lucila, and» share this video with the children of his heart». The videolibro was handed over to the Ministry of education, who published it in the digital library, and is also available the website of the Foundation and stories for all ne. Also you can see on screen in Santiago, the Museo de Arte Colonial in San Francisco, and in Montegrande in the Gabriela Mistral School House. The story is Natacha Valenzuela; illustrations, Isabel Margarita López; animations, Degu animations; Chilean sign language interpretation was made by the deaf interpreter Constanza Garrido; the contents, by Gloria Garafulich-Grabois consulting; and in camera, the Vicbass study. It’s the second child videolibro in Chilean sign language produced by stories for all, the first was Mila and the flower, also available on the website

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