translated from Spanish: Car fell into the Creek: they rescued a man but they are looking to 8-year-old

a trial operation is being conducted on the border between Buenos Aires and the town of Avellaneda, where a 48 year old man who drove a mile from the Plaza (e) Bosch ended up falling into the Creek. While the authorities managed to rescue him, even they could not find 8-year-old son. Everything took place around 3 o’clock in the morning of Sunday, April 7: apparently, the driver would have lost control to take an area of curves and bends, ending at the water. The man would surfaced on their own and, desperate, contacted police who guarded the area asking for help to find his son.

From there, deployed a major operation involving the city police and Buenos Aires, firefighters and Coast Guard officers. The holder of the SAME, Alberto Crescenti, said in dialogue with C5N, once received the alert, went to the site with an ambulance and a team of triage. They also work divers in the area. At the moment, there are no traces of the minor or the vehicle. The search was hampered by the low visibility. Meanwhile, the man is interned in the Penna Hospital with hypothermia.

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