translated from Spanish: Message from the Rector of the UMSNH about the missing students

Morelia, Michoacan.-message of the Rector of the Universidad Michoacana of San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Dr. Raul Cardenas Navarro, about the students of the Universidad Michoacana, reported How missing.
THE community Nicolás to the society MICHOACANA present La Casa Hidalgo is a public institution which provides quality education in middle and upper level dedicated to scientific research, the dissemination of the culture and extension University, whose contributions raise qualitatively the most noble values and best social customs that allow the adequate training of women and men; However, this high responsibility requires safety conditions for the members of their community.
The Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo regrets any aggression to any of its members, particularly in the student sector, therefore, since the publication of the «unique identity cards, alert Alba Michoacán», issued by the Prosecutor’s Office General of the State, where reported the disappearance of students, instructed the Attorney-General of this educational institution so that it contributes with the Special Prosecutor in missing persons, in the elucidation of the facts to make with your whereabouts. I also asked the Secretary-General of this institution, the design and operation of a preventive Protocol in which ask for the cooperation and participation of the Ombudsman of the Nicolaitans University’s human rights;
In addition, the next week will begin a program of awareness of risk behaviours, which in coordination with the agency intelligence Criminal of the aforementioned prosecution, will affect the necessary preventive measures that keep the integrity of our young people.
Attentive to the development of the proceedings continue and will intensify the efforts that clarify the facts and allow to give the whereabouts of our colleagues.
Sincerely Dr. Raul Cardenas Navarro Rector inhabitant of Rosa Luxemburgo, DVM student student’s home.

Alejandra Estefanía is a graduate of architecture and is in the process of certification.

Ariana is a student of the high school 2, unfortunately both not registered yet for the half 19/19.
Alejandra Estefanía is a graduate of architecture and is in the process of certification.

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