translated from Spanish: 8 thousand policemen will patrol in Michoacan during Holy Week

Morelia, Michoacan.-a total of 8 thousand items of various State and federal corporations monitor Michoacán during the operation of Easter, so stressed it Tuesday to the press the Secretary of public security, José Martín Godoy Castro.
In this regard, the official said: «is programmed involving elements of the different institutions in the State with different tasks, are approximately 8 thousand colleagues that we will be working to ensure that these days people» living well».
Also added that patrols will be mainly in the tourist areas: «the regions where more presence have is where most tourists surely will be, which is the Lake area and the coast, regardless of the territorial deployment throughout the State» .
Also touched the issue of the shootings that have happened recently in Tierra Caliente: «what is known is that criminal cells continue facing the territorial control and formerly in Apatzingan now is in Buenavista and the» municipalities that are outside Apatzingan and it is where we have some events, while the two cells are fighting this will continue until: or decide to stop fighting or eliminate one another. They are facing in Buenavista and both have some presence in different parts of the State.»
Journalists also asked the Secretary about the supposed movements of families as a result of the shootings and Godoy Castro answered: «that displaced persons in that region report I have time, I remember that it is for two or three months,
When released to the Toucan – criminal leader course. They allude to that there have been clashes, I know that colleagues do their tours of surveillance for the purpose of identifying these issues. «Is handled on networks that some people have left the place and also handle are people who participated against a criminal group, what concerns us is that these changes will not occur with innocent civilian people».

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