translated from Spanish: CMF offers targeted Aníbal Mosa: investigates 6 loans to black and white through an own company

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Committee for the financial market (CMF) made charges against Aníbal Mosa, former President of black and white, a concessionaire who manages Colo Colo club, and other directors who were in the era where Meuse was President.
The investigation that led the CPM determined that Meuse, through Parinacota private investment, your property Fund, gave money to the albo box. And it wasn’t just a loan, they were 6, carried out between November 20, 2015 to 29 June 2017. In total, I paid 821.869.000 pesos, according to the newspaper La Tercera.
In December of that year, the CPM asked him for explanations of why spent you that capital, and the process for doing so. The response of Alejandro Paul, general manager of the Corporation, responded to the requirements, but the CPM continued investigating.
Almost two years later, in February of this year, Prosecutor Andres Montes notified Meuse requirements by this case and, according to the documentation, to other eight representatives: Pablo Morales, Leonidas Vial, Leonardo Battaglia, Alfonso Gómez, Paul Fontaine, Jaime Pizarro, Pablo Acchiardi and Alejandro Zúñiga, these last representatives of the sports and Social Club. All of those names, only road, Battaglia and Meuse are still part of the directory.
What the CMF charged Maas and company is the breach of article 147 of the law Nº 18,046 of corporations, which regulates operations with related parties. Specifically, he is accused of violating the standard numeral first, because transfers made by Parinacota were not entered in the records of the directories near the dates of loans, considered as transfers between parties related.
Prosecutor Montes casts doubt on acting in operation, because it believes that intentionally not informed your directory or to the meeting of shareholders on loans.
Last April 30, 2018, southern businessman received the last payment as repayment of the $821.869.000 provided to the dealership. But it was not free, there were interests from through. Mosa eventually won $87.867.000.
The process carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office of the CMF is currently at the stage of the directors required disclaimers. This phase has been completed, the Prosecutor must define if it ratifies the charges on loans of Meuse to Colo Colo, who did not want to refer to the subject.

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