translated from Spanish: Lisandro López was low and will not play in the selection Argentina

the present of Racing Club and the last years of Lisandro López opened you a door that seemed closed to the front. After speculation with a possible call for new local selection to be formed in a few months, there was contact with Licha, but to participate in an official tournament from AFA. Who took the official word was Fernando «bocha» Batista, current coach of the under-20 selection and who will also be in charge of the team under 23 that will participate in the Pan American Games of Lima, to be held from July 26 to August 11 for which he wanted to have the front of the Academy.

Fernando Batista confirmed that he spoke with Lisandro López for selection. Photo: Twitter @argentina turns out that tournament that allows three players that exceed the age of 23 and the trainer had thought in the presence of the former Porto and Lyon, and even called it. However, it received a refusal from the player who introduced him to his motives, in a pleasant talk.» «I spoke with Lisandro López and he thanked me very much that you have thought about it for a list in the, not only for sport, but also in the human, but who preferred to make a good preseason and not cut it», said Batista, in an interview with the Oral sports.

«I talked with Lisandro López and thanked me very much,» Fernando Batista. Photo: On the word of the Racing Captain added that she spoke with «great humility». «I said:» I get in a squeeze because Argentina selection it is important in any tournament that you play «, he remarked. In this note:

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