translated from Spanish: They announce measures for Fiestas Patrias: health cordons and authorization to meet with relatives in all the communes of the country

The Undersecretary of Crime Prevention, Katherine Martorell, reported that for Fiestas Patrias, no matter what stage of the deconfination the communes are, a special rule will apply that will allow during the 18th, 19th and 20th of September, to meet with relatives.
The idea of the measure is to encourage people to spend the Holidays as a family and safely. This means that people will be able to receive up to 5 people and up to 10 people in open places at home.
For such displacements, explained the Under-Secretary for Crime Prevention, a permit will be required, which can be obtained at the virtual police station and in person in police units. 
In addition, the plan implies that there will be a ban on the functioning of anchorages and events and also that the regional transfer ban is maintained.
At the same time, Martorell recalled that «the measure prohibiting the transfer to the second home is in full force.»
As it was announced that from Thursday, September 17 at 18 hours, until 23 hours on Sunday, there will be health cordons in the regions of Valparaiso, Metropolitana and also in the Gran Concepción, in Temuco and in Padre Las Casas.

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