translated from Spanish: Puerto Natales swimmer wants to break record in Señoret channel

Juan Cuyul Oyarzún (26) hails from Puerto Natales, Magallanes region. 15 is dedicated to swimming and in May of last year was its premiere in open waters with an extensive tour that included the voyage of the Beagle Channel. This Saturday, April 13 wants to break a record: swim of roundtrip the Señoret channel.
The Señoret channel is located to the North of the Strait of Magellan and is adjacent to Puerto Natales. Travel that will make Cuyul runs from his hometown to the Antonio Varas peninsula, back and forth.
«Reading historical records it appeared that this crossing already has been taken by seven people previously, but only of ida», natalino swimmer told El Mostrador.
Cuyul is based in Punta Arenas for his work, being more than 3 hours away from his hometown. John mentioned that their «maximum intention of the why I want to make this journey is because I was born in Puerto Natales.» «Most of my family is there, most of my friends, my loved ones and good beings, the people of my town.»
Juan Cuyul open water swimming swims in water open without wetsuits. Makes its challenges only with bathing suit, Cap and lenses protective of swimming. Nothing else.
The natalino has made further three crossings in open water. Its premiere was in may 2018 in the Beagle Channel. His second was in the Chacao channel, between the island of Chiloé and the continental zone; on the third occasion, he travelled around the Strait of Magellan, in February. In those instances it was faced with different maritime as cold, strong currents and rough surf conditions.
Cuyul is being prepared physically, mentally and spiritually. He trains at the Strait of Magellan and fiscal fitness pool swimming practice two hours a day.
«To me, prima the physical, psychological and also I try to integrate the spiritual. When I’m going to make this journey I know at some point I may fail the physical and there my mind must be very strong. If at some point it fails me the physical and fails me the psychological, is that only there to get help from the above to finish the test», says.
The athlete is sponsored by degree Zero, Enterprise transport Bus South and the local natalino Pampa Restobar.

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