translated from Spanish: Hurricane comes before Super League to appeal the points

removes hours that played a version in the classic between hurricane and San Lorenzo, the two clubs fighting against the leaders of the Superliga for being the only clubs that were sanctioned s present differences in sworn statements, concerning payment of the salaries of the players than they are. First it was the turn of «Cyclone», which appealed the decision and was still not reflected the sacnion in the standings, and now it was the turn of the «globe», that tomorrow will be presented so that they lower him vital points for their classification in the Copa Sudamericana Besides that lift you sanction to incorporate in the next season.
However, since Hurricane reported that «in case of application of any remover, which is firm after the judgment (i.e. for the next tournament) without affecting the South American classification 2020» in 2018/19. season Hurricane Secretary, Fernando Moroni said that the club will not surrender to reverse the sanction and said: «Go to the last instance if necessary, even the TAS». The conflict takes place in the club delivered 145 checks deferred to 24 players, 89 of them have the affidavit after expiration date. The management of the «globe» generates a «breakdown of the confidence the Superliga clubs», indicated the Agency to inform the ruling.

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