translated from Spanish: Assange is prepared from prison for another legal battle

London (AP) – the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, it went from a small room in the Ecuadorian Embassy in Central London to a cell in the prison Belmarsh, a grim institution in the southeast of the city where, despite everything, will enjoy certain advantages that did not have when he was refugee hiding from the law. The editor in Chief of WikiLeaks, Kristinn Hrafnsson, said Friday that the convalescent Assange may finally receive medical care and meet with their lawyers more easily than when he was at the Embassy, where due to a lawsuit with authorities Ecuadorian banned you almost all visits. Assange, in 47 years, has extreme pain in the shoulders and teeth pain, said Hrafnsson.Durante almost seven years, Assange lived in the Embassy without leaving for fear to be arrested and sent to the United States to stand trial.

On Thursday, British authorities got dragged to the Australian Embassy, and United States announced charges of conspiring against access to a Pentagon computer, which paved the way for what will be an epic legal battle and policy on their extradition to States Unidos.Su arrest was possible after Ecuador revoked his political asylum, complaining that he was a spoiled guest that not cleaning your cat waste and that WikiLeaks conspired to blackmail the President Lenín «Moreno.En prison, where is in detention while the extradition process is resolved» there are medical facilities, I imagine that access to dental care and a garden which leave «, said Hrafnsson.» But compare one prison with other and qualify them with stars is not really in my mind,»said. «What I have in mind here is an innocent man who is in prison for doing his job as a journalist, and that is outrageous.» He added that Assange is in pretty good mental health whereas the stress of recent days. The political debate on whether extradite Assange is already in the making. Britain’s Labour Party calls upon the Government to not hand him over to the Americans. The leader of the opposition party, Jeremy Corbyn, tweet United States processing to Assange because he exhibited «evidence of atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan». The attempt of Assange by avoiding the extradition could take years. He could also face a second extradition request if Sweden decides to proceed with a case of rape against which was suspended in 2017, when he was at the Embassy, away from the reach of the law. Convicted on the charges in the United States, Assange could be sentenced to up to five years in prison.

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