translated from Spanish: Femicide in Ñuble: woman was killed shot in front of two of his children

the night of this v Friday a woman, identified as Bernadette Pedraza (35), was killed in the commune of Trehuaco, in the region of Ñuble.
The woman was mother of four children, one of them in common with the defendant, Samuel of the cross Fuentealba Valdebenito (32), who was arrested by police that same night.
The death of Bernadette is investigated as a new case of femicide, the first registered in the region. According to the police report, the victim would have received the trigger of a shotgun by his spouse to inside a House of Hernán Brañas population.
According to set Radio Biobio, the fiscal head (s) of Quirihue, Cecilia González, commissioned expertise to homicide and the forensic laboratory of the research Police Brigade to raise evidence of this crime.
Now, the accused will be transferred to the twon of Coelemu and will be placed at the disposal of the Court of first hearing guarantee.
The seremi of women and gender equality of the Ñuble, Barbara Henning, told Cooperativa that «there was a history of domestic violence against this woman, on the part of the accused of an incident with less serious injuries happened in 2016, but also on the part of» a former partner in the year 2010.»
«Seems serious that it during all this time, have not reported again, and is also an alert signal for other women who may be experiencing similar situations,» said Henning

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