translated from Spanish: Pure history: 15 players signed professional contract with San Lorenzo

on the ship, as it is named the area under the North stalls of the new gasometer, was carried out a historic day for Argentine football. For the first time professional contracts were signed players in Argentina. More precismanete were 15 contracts with the participation of the new addition, Macarena Sanchez.en press conference and with the presence of President Matías Lammens, presented the depoertistas that will be professional and that mark a precedent. «Since San Lorenzo we accompany and admire the struggle that women have. I am excited, proud and grateful for the patience they have shown, and for allowing us to be part of this historic moment», said the President.
As representatives of the institution, also present were Secretary Miguel Mastrosimone and Director Juan Diego Fernández, while on the side of the players, Eliana Medina and Macarena Sánchez left some words on the subject.» That San Lorenzo is what gives this first step is a great pride, us strive much for this and for us it is a great pride, I am very happy and grateful», said Medina, while the former IAT Urquiza said:»I am very excited and happy to be here , and now belong to a big club. «Behind us there are many people who worked to make this happen».
The club signed 15 contracts, of which 8 of them will be paid by AFA, according to legislation introduced in the last days of March. «San Lorenzo has the privilege of being the first club professional at their women’s team. It is a great first step that we must follow leading to equality. It is one of the most important achievements that we take when we withdraw the Club», remarked Matías Lammens.
The other members of Las Santitas who signed their bond as well as Macarena Sánchez and Eliana, medium are Sindy Ramírez, Federica Silvera, Cecilia López, Deborah Molina, Maricel Pereyra, Milagros Vargas, Rocío Correa, Lavinia Antequera, Vanina Preininger, Florence Coronel, Rocio Vazquez, Ariana Alvarez and Florence Salazar.

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