translated from Spanish: Romantic traveller and the path… looking for?

«be a romantic traveller and the trail continue», says one of the most euphoric and celebrated phrases of the Anthem of the University of Chile, that blue fans chanted with feeling and conviction in every stadium where they are. And today all wonder what where lost the path the institution and the team?.
The institutional subject of Blues has many columns and pages. Last thing was the resignation to the Presidency of Carlos Heller, tired and weary of criticism, many of them justified, the threats of death and be the focus of a harder bar industry. He left the head bolts, but not so its stock package and placed in interim form to a man of all his confidence, as it is José Luis Navarrete, a Presidency without counterweight in the table.
While no one can doubt the affection of Heller blue shirt, is the same of true that promises more important – and desired by all the people blue – was not fulfilled: own stadium. That dream which causes distress, headache and frustration at fans of the chuncho.
In football, the laity live spend a confusing and complex. Frank Kudelka little clear output and all the «show» around the arrival of the new DT, Alfredo Arias, just leave perhaps a reflection: Blue interior decisions are increasingly more erroneous and confusing.

The Assembly of the roster for the 2019 also has qualms. Arrived 10 new players and all of them, none were large market passes hiring. Yes, the template is rejuvenated, but still investment by Blue does not yield, to such an extent that the team got out of the Copa Libertadores against a modest opponent in every sense, and in the national tournament fails to take off in results or improvements from game.
The responsibilities of all this are shared. Presidency, sports management, technical and players, among them many of them fail to understand and assimilate that placed one of the most powerful t-shirts in our country, requires more than a goal, a colorful feint or some unproductive luxury.
As said many times Eduardo Bonvallet, requires a conscious and deep reengineering in the University of Chile. It is not enough to be a fan, does not know something about football or have pointed to two or three players. You need a solid structure, a sports policy which is not changed every six months and which therefore, does not allow to establish certain facilities to representatives or intermediaries.
Work, work, consolidating the basis of cadets and return to those roots that did lay one of the most important forming teams of the country.
The U is a large institution. It represents the main house of studies of Chile and beyond this concession or corporation name, is passion, strength, courage and the romantic traveller who dreams of a trail continue, that goes beyond horizon… that by now suffered supporters see dark and without the fire of yesteryear.
But still it is time to return to the right path.

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