translated from Spanish: Death of the young man injured in a street fight during celebration of «toritos de petate», in the colonia Eduardo Ruiz de Morelia

Morelia, Michoacan.-the night of Saturday, two young men were wounded by knife during a street brawl in the colony Eduardo Ruiz, derived from a celebration of «toritos de petate», but then one of the above-named died when it was cared for at the Hospital Civil in this city of Morelia.
The now deceased responded to name Alejandro V., 26-year-old, who suffered severe damage to weapon stab in the right side of the back. The survivor is Flavio César, 20 years of age, same that he suffered a wound in the right forearm.
As hereby reported him previously, the lawsuit was recorded on the Aubergine Street, made which also had air gun shooting. The fight was reported to the emergency 911 number, then attended Municipal police officers, which restored the order.
Paramedics they took care of the handicapped and they brought them to the referral hospital, where doctors given the respective cures, however, Alexander died due to the severity of his injury, at first it was believed that he was shot, but to review it the doctors confirmed it was a wound by weapon stab.
Case was notified to the Prosecutor General’s Office of State (FGE), whose staff undertook the relevant inquiries and moved the corpse to the morgue for necropsy of law enforcement.

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