translated from Spanish: Scioli: “I will be a candidate against Cristina Kirchner or whoever”

Without running your style conciliatory and moderate, the national Deputy Daniel Scioli said he will compete in the primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory (step) of the Peronist party, “against Cristina or anyone else”.
“Hope that there is a great step. To be President you must win all. This is not a personal confrontation, it is fighting for the agenda that comes in the country”, said Scioli. 

I made the decision to become a candidate regardless of what they decide Cristina”, he explained. In two interviews in the last hours, the candidate for President of the front for victory in 2015, again criticizing the management of change: “in the discussion with (Mauritius) Macri warned it would make this Government that promised a change.” It was this same management which generated the inflation that we have now,”he told TN. On the last package of measures announced by the national Government, Scioli said that “they are cyclical” and planning “discomfort is seen” of the President and his team of Ministers.

“The price agreement is merely an electoral issue, does not serve”, added when talking to Futurock and added: “Macri speaks of relief and real relief will come when finished this Government”.

“The results of this management are worse than one had foreseen,” it concluded. In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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