translated from Spanish: Sexual harassment in the workplace: complaints increase 34% during the first quarter of the 2019

The allegations of sexual harassment in labour relations have risen considerably, according to the inform e the address of the work (DT) that analyzed the cases of this year.
According to the results, 142 indictments were recorded during the first quarter of 2019, which showed an increase of 34% of complaints compared to the previous year. Of this total, 94% of the cases were reported by women and 6% for men.
“We believe that this increase in complaints is due, precisely, to the greater visibility that emblematic cases had both national and international levels, so people the victims today dare much more to report. They have lost the fear to expose these cases”, told La Tercera the Under-Secretary of labour, Fernando Arab.
The report said that most of the registered complaints were made in the Metropolitan Region, a total of 62 cases corresponding to 44%.
On the other hand, Valparaíso was the region which presented a greater increase of complaints, compared to 5 cases in the first quarter of 2014 24 detected so far of the year.
About 2018, the report explained that the majority of cases of harassment occurred in the trade sector, corresponding to a total of 104 cases. In addition, in real estate, business activities and rental 101 complaints were recorded.
“These sectors represent the highest percentage because they have a greater number of women, who are the main ones affected by these cases and those who denounce most,” said the Undersecretary.

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